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Our History

We are a Pharmaceutical company dedicated to the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of health products, Pharmaceutical specialties and medical equipment.

Our laboratory was founded in February 27th, 1949 by:
Dr. Gustavo Adolfo López 
   Doña Thelma Davidson de López. 

Our founder used to say: “We have to serve and we should do it with joy and humility”. This simple and deep credo accompanied him every day of his life and inspired many of his projects, aspirations and achievements. Laboratorios Lopez started with only five hard-working employees. 

Our ten first registered products were: 
Pulmocalcio syrup, Respirina (nose drops), Otalgina (ear drops), Opticol collyrium (eye drops) Regulina elixir, Nerviflora elixir, Calcifer syrup, Dermalgen lotion, Gastroenteric suspensión, Digestonic elixir. 

Out of these first 10 registered products still remain on the market Pulmocalcio syrup and Nerviflora elixir, these two are still leaders in their categories. Later then came brands that have become emblems of the pharmaceutical industry in El Salvador: Dolofin, Intestinomicina, Cloten, Dermisona and Dermoxido.

Laboratorios López has always been a pioneer in technology; we were the first to manufacture colored flavor coated tablets, pleasant to the user. 

In 1965, we began manufacturing prescription products, expanding its range of products. In 1980, we were the first to produce and market the line of drinkable and injectable ampoules. A desire to grow and extend our success to other countries, has been to settle our products with distributors in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and Belize, and sell them in markets like the U.S., Mexico and Costa Rica. 

In order to extend the line of products, since late 1995, our company started distribution of Baxter products, a U.S. company, leader in manufacturing and distribution of hospital products for kidney diseases, blood banks and hospitals, including surgical and medical equipment, food products and anesthetics.

In 2007 Laboratorios López took one step further towards the development, and acquired Laboratorios Lainez and their brands as Bacaolinita, Sport Cream, Vita-grip y Yodoclorina, these brands are icones in Central America’s Pharmaceutical industry.

More than 450 people, which include professional Chemical-Pharmaceutical, Analytical chemists, industrial engineers, professionals of Business Administration, Marketing and Finance, are currently working on different facets to produce approximately 180 products: antibiotics, ulcer, eye drops, vitamins, anti-inflammatory, anti-hypertensives, anti-parasite, antihistamine, mucolítics, antivirals, antifungals, etc., representations include tablets, syrups, pills, creams, drinkable ampoules, injectables, for marketing and control this are located in the following divisions: Ethical, OTC.