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Manufacturing and marketing products for health, safe and effective under international quality standards. We are committed to continuous improvement for customer satisfaction.

GMP Certification

Our quality is based on the guidelines of good manufacturing practices (known as GMP), based on the commitment to provide our customers with high quality, safe and effective.

Laboratorios López stands out as an innovative company that is always at the forefront of scientific and technological developments involving the pharmaceutical industry. This condition is leading us to maintain a vocation-oriented research and development of health products. The Director of Quality Assurance makes sure that all inputs: raw materials, packaging materials and manufacturing processes meet established parameters.
To make this work Laboratorios Lopez counts with a team of trained professionals who are responsible for ensuring the quality of our products. The commitment to quality is in each of the employees.

Laboratorios Lopez is a company committed to society, has a deep awareness about the responsibility that represents the manufacturing of medicines for human consumption.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Laboratorios López, Salvadoran company with 61 years of existence, a leading Central American pharmaceutical company, goes a step further to meet the changes required by globalization, in compliance with international quality standards, initially obtaining ISO 9001:2000 certification and recently updating their certification to ISO 9001:2008.

The rules of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO for its acronym in English) are international standards that provide guidelines for the management (address and control) the quality of a company. These standards give the organization the ability to be administered by the processes which interact in an orderly and consistent quality make up the system..

The implementation of quality management system (CMS) has allowed to Laboratorios López, standardize and document on standard operating procedures, all processes ranging from the evaluation and selection of our suppliers, planning, design, testing, implementation production processes, analysis and storage of the products for marketing and distribution, this ensuring the fulfillment of objectives and implementation of actions to ensure the effective performance of our system.

Laboratorios López, also recognized by practicing social responsibility program through medical student Award, the Scientific Research Program Award with universities and Dr. Gustavo Adolfo Lopez, named Physician of the Year, among others, demonstrates its commitment to health population and reiterates that the ISO certification in all its processes is not an end per se, if failing to implement a comprehensive quality system.

Therefore, our challenge and commitment is a continuous improvement for customer satisfaction.